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ESGLD Virtual Summer Meeting 2021 – Programme

Please note ALL times are UK time (BST)

Day 1  Monday 28th June


12pm (BST)/1pm (CEST)     Welcome introduction - Brian Bigger - ESGLD Chairman, UoM, Manchester, UK

Mechanisms of LSDs

Session 1 (Chair Eeva-Liisa Eskelinen)

12.10pm (BST)/1.10pm (CEST)   Invited speakerCarmine Settembre - TIGEM, Naples, Italy - Selective autophagy dysfunctions in lysosomal storage disorders.

12.45pm (BST)/1.45pm (CEST)   Ulrich Matzner - Deletion of fatty acid amide hydrolase reduces lyso-sulfatide levels but aggravates the disease phenotype of a mouse model of metachromatic leukodystrophy

1.05pm (BST)/2.05pm (CEST)     Alessia Calcagni - CLN3 protein is at the crossroad between the biosynthetic/secretory compartment and lysosomes

1.25pm (BST)/2.25pm (CEST)     Coffee break

Session 2 (Chair Fran Platt)

1.45pm (BST)/2.45pm (CEST)     Invited speaker Judith Klumperman - UMC Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands - The role of the HOPS complex in lysosomal biogenesis and diseases

2.20pm (BST)/3.20pm (CEST)     Oriana Mandolfo - Systemic immune challenges exacerbate inflammation and cognitive decline in a mouse model of MPSIIIA

2.40pm (BST)/3.40pm (CEST)     Lea Vidatic - BACE1 inhibition ameliorates neuroinflammation in organotypic brain slices of Niemann-Pick type C disease murine model

3pm (BST)/4pm (CEST)  Coffee break

Session 3 (Chair Paul Saftig)

3.20pm (BST)/4.20pm (CEST)     Invited speaker - Christian Haas - LMU Munich DZNE, Munich, Germany - Lysosomal dysfunction in microglia drives neuronal TDP-43 pathology in PGRN related FTLD

3.55pm (BST)/4.55pm (CEST)     Antonietta TaralloCorrection of oxidative stress enhances enzyme replacement therapy in Pompe disease

4.15pm (BST)/5.15pm (CEST)     José Clemente-Ramos - Using S. pombe to understand the pathogenesis of CLN3 disease

4.35pm (BST)/5.35pm (CEST)     Group discussion on Mechanisms of LSDs (Chaired by Paul Saftig and Including Invited speakers from the day)

4.55pm (BST)/5.55pm (CEST)   Day 1 main conference closes

5.00pm-5.30pm (BST)/6.00pm-6.30pm (CEST) Day 1 - Zoom Drinks Reception
(Everyone Welcome - Bring Your Own Beer!)
Meeting ID will follow

Day 2   Tuesday 29th June

Lysosomal Function

Session 1 (Chair Andrea Ballabio)

12pm (BST)/1pm (CEST)   Keynote speakerJuan Bonifacino - NIH, Bethesda, USA

Molecular mechanisms of lysosome positioning

Bright ideas/flash talks

12.35pm (BST)/1.35pm (CEST)   S.L.M. in 't GroenUncovering pathological mechanisms in Pompe disease using a 3D-skeletal-muscle-on-a-chip system.

12.40pm (BST)/1.40pm (CEST)    Mara Reichmann - Loss of TMEM55B leads to subfertility in male mice

12.45pm (BST)/1.45pm (CEST)   Florian Bleimbaum - Co-expression network analysis identifies NHLRC3 as a new lysosomal protein to control endothelial cell homeostasis

12.50pm (BST)/1.50pm (CEST)   Tereza Andreou - Brain-targeted Haematopoietic Stem Cell Gene Therapy for severe Mucopolysaccharidosis I (Hurler) - does one peptide tag fit all?

12.55pm (BST)/1.55pm (CEST)    Jane Potter - Ex-vivo autologous haematopoietic stem cell gene therapy in mucopolysaccharidosis type IIIA

1pm (BST)/2pm (CEST)               Q&A group discussion (Chair Andrea Ballabio)

1.20pm (BST)/2.20pm (CEST)     Coffee break

Session 2 (Chair Mia Horowitz)

1.40pm (BST)/2.40pm (CEST)     Invited speakerChiara di Malta - TIGEM, Naples, Italy - Transcriptional regulation of mTORC1 signaling in physiology and cancer

2.15pm (BST)/3.15pm (CEST)     M Klussendorf - Cytoplasmic retention of acetylated transcription factor EB

2.35pm (BST)/3.35pm (CEST)     Sonke Rudnik - S-palmitoylation determines TMEM55B-dependent positioning of lysosomes

2.55pm (BST)/3.55pm (CEST)     Coffee break

Session 3 (Chair Thomas Braulke)

3.15pm (BST)/4.15pm (CEST)     Invited speaker - James H. Hurley - University of California, Berkley, USA - Coordination of the Rag GTPase cycle on lysosomes

3.50pm (BST)/4.50pm (CEST)     Dominic Winter - Characterization of Lysosomal Protein Interactions and Structures by Cross Linking Mass Spectrometry

4.10pm (BST)/5.10pm (CEST)     Shroddha Bose - Impact of altered chloride transport on lysosomal morphology and function

4.30pm (BST)/5.30pm (CEST)     Group discussion on lysosomal function (Chaired by Andrea Ballabio and Including Invited speakers from the day)

5.00pm (BST)/6.00pm (CEST)      Day 2 main conference closes

5 – 5.30pm (BST)/6 – 6.30pm (CEST) Day 2 - Zoom Drinks Reception (Everyone Welcome - Bring Your Own Beer!) Meeting ID will follow

Day 3    Wednesday 30th June

Therapies and diagnosis

Session 1 (Chair Francisca Coutinho)

12pm (BST)/1pm (CEST)             Invited speaker - Sandra Alves - Instituto Nacional de Saúde Dr. Ricardo Jorge (INSA), Portugal - Oligonucleotide-based therapies for inherited metabolic diseases: some examples of their application in Lysosomal Storage Disorders.

12.35pm (BST)/1.35pm (CEST)    Xuefang Pan - Oral Glucosamine Ameliorates Aggravated Neurological Phenotype in Mucopolysaccharidosis III Type C Mouse Model Expressing Misfolded HGSNAT Variant

12.55pm (BST)/1.55pm (CEST)    Atze BergsmaIdentification of aberrant splicing events that induce nonsense-mediated decay and development of splice switching antisense oligonucleotides for Pompe disease

1.15pm (BST)/2.15pm (CEST)    Coffee break


Session 2 (Chair Pim Pijnappel)

1.35pm (BST)/2.35pm (CEST)      Invited speaker - Federico Mingozzi - Spark Therapeutics, Philadelphia, USA - Targeting the liver to develop in vivo gene therapies for lysosomal storage diseases

2.10pm (BST)/3.10pm (CEST)      Alessandro di Spiezio - Enzyme replacement therapy with pro cathepsin D in NCL disease

2.30pm (BST)/3.30pm (CEST)      Valeria De Pasquale - Targeting heparin sulfate proteoglycans as a novel treatment for neuropathology in Mucopolysaccharidosis IIIB

2.50pm (BST)/3.50pm (CEST)    Coffee break

Session 3 (Chair Brian Bigger)

3.10pm (BST)/4.10pm (CEST)      Invited speaker - Eric Adler - UC San Diego, La Jolla, USA - New Therapy for Danon Disease (TBC)

3.45pm (BST)/4.45pm (CEST)      Shaun Wood - Long-term Outcomes of Brain-targeted Haematopoietic Stem Cell Gene Therapy for Mucopolysaccharidosis Type II in Pre-Clinical MPSII Mouse Model

4.05pm (BST)/5.05pm (CEST)      Nicola BrunettiSafety and efficacy of liver-directed AAV-mediated gene therapy for mucopolysaccharidosis type VI

4.25pm (BST)/5.25pm (CEST)      Group discussion on therapies and diagnosis (Chaired by Brian Bigger and Including Invited speakers from the day)

4.45pm (BST)/5.45pm (CEST)    Coffee break

4.55pm (BST)/5.55pm (CEST)      Award for best presentation

5pm(BST)/6pm (CEST)                Award for best flash talk

5.05pm (BST)/6.05pm (CEST)    Concluding remarks

5.10pm (BST)/6.10pm (CEST)      Conference close

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