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Programme – Friday

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9.00 Conference opening Prof Justin Durham & Dr Kate Taylor President and President-elect ABAOMS
9.10 Expert panel session – Educating in a pandemic Chaired by Dr Helen Stancliffe, Specialist Oral surgeon & Speciality Teaching Fellow, Newcastle
9.10 Assessment: what did we learn from the pandemic? Dr Rosa Moreno Lopez, Clinical Lecturer (Scholarship) at the University of Aberdeen
9.20 Chasing competency in a pandemic: continuous vs block allocation Dr Rachel Green, Specialist Oral Surgeon, Lecturer & Clinical Teaching lead Oral Surgery, Newcastle
9.30 The national picture pre and peri pandemic Dr Helen Clark, Clinical Teaching Fellow Oral Surgery & Chair ABAOMS Education group, Leeds
9.40 Panel & audience discussion 30 mins
10.10 BREAK
10.20 Open paper session Chaired by Dr Kate Taylor, Senior Lecturer, Hon Consultant Oral Surgeon, Liverpool
10.20 Mandibular Distraction Osteogenesis (MDO): a role in the management of paediatric airway obstruction Dr Edward Fahy, senior house officer, National Maxillofacial Unit, St James Hospital, James St, Dublin
10.35 3D guided early loading of implants in reconstructed severely atrophic maxillary bones Dr Jennifer Spiller, DCT3 OMFS, Manchester Royal Infirmary
10.50 The impact of the waferless osteotomy approach, using patient specific guides and plates in orthognathic surgery: a systematic review Dr Ailish Williams, DCT2, Prince Charles Hospital
11.10 BREAK
11.20 Invited lecture Dr Ian Corbett, Consultant Oral Surgeon & Hon Senior Lecturer, Newcastle
12.20 Poster – An unusual presentation of a Carotid Pseudoaneurysm Charlotte Frazer Cox, DCT, Glan Clwyd Hospital
12.25 Poster – Reticulohistiocytoma – a rare diagnosis of a lip swelling Dr Hanya Mahmood, ACF, Charles Clifford Dental Hospital, Sheffield
12.30 Poster – Isolated Langerhans cell histiocytosis of the oral cavity in a 25-year-old female: A rare case report with review of the literature Dr Hazel Kerr, DCT OMFS, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust
12.35 Poster – The use of KLS martin fabricated custom guide for scapula free flap in reconstruction of mandible following squamous cell carcinoma resection Dr Shima Chundoo, DCT3, Birmingham Children’s Hospital.
12.40 Poster – Papillary Renal Cell Carcinoma Ms Angela Boscarino, DCT1, Arrowe Park Hospital
12.45 Poster – Unusual lip tumours: a case series Claire Wilson, StR OS, Charles Clifford Dental Hospital, Sheffield
12.50 Nobel Video
13.00 Invited lecture session – Updates amongst upheaval Chaired by Dr Sarah McKernon, Specialist & Lecturer in Oral Surgery, Liverpool
13.00 Oral Pathology version 2021: Making sense of it as a surgeon Dr Ali Khurram, Senior lecturer & Hon Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial Pathologist, Sheffield
13.50 Oral Medicine 10 years ago and now: what’s changed? Dr Sabine Jurge, Consultant & Hon Senior Lecturer in Oral Medicine, Sheffield
14.30 Persistent orofacial pain pre-op and post-op: Plenty of problems, any solutions? Prof Justin Durham, Professor Orofacial Pain & Hon Consultant Oral Surgeon, Newcastle
15.10 BREAK
15.20 Open paper session Chaired by Dr Katarzyna Gurzawska-Comis, Specialist Oral Surgeon & NIHR Clinical Lecturer, Birmingham
15.20 Management of inferior alveolar nerve and lingual nerve injuries in the UK – A cross-sectional study Alex Orchard, MSc Epidemiology Student & Dentist, University of Bristol
15.35 Robotic stroking on the face and forearm: touch satiety and effects on mechanical pain Pankaj Taneja, Post-doc, University of Aarhus
15.50 “[I was] treated more like a dentist than a student”- the role of the dental nurse in dental undergraduates’ skill development Miss Emma Robinson, clinical fellow OS, Newcastle University
16.05 An evaluation of referrer factors for referrals made to the West Yorkshire Oral Surgery Managed Clinical Network over a 3 year period Richard Moore, Lecturer and Specialist in Oral Surgery, Leeds University
16.20 Evaluating Salivary Biomarkers for Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Manas Dave, ACF Oral Pathology, Manchester
16.35 An unusual metastatic mass: A rare presentation of oesophageal carcinoma Dr Pradeep Sandhu, DCT2 OMFS, University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust
17.00 CLOSE

Programme – Saturday

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9.00 Invited lecture session – Implantology Chaired by Dr Hannah Desai, Specialist Oral Surgeon & Speciality Teaching Fellow, Newcastle
9.00 Implant Prosthodontics driving the surgeon Dr Francis Nohl, Consultant/Hon Senior Lecturer Restorative Dentistry & Degree Programme Director Implantology, Newcastle
9.50 No bone, no problem? Bone augmentation by grafting, lifting and avoiding Prof Julian Yates, Professor and Hon Consultant in Oral Surgery, Manchester
10.30 “It’s not numb, it’s painful!” Nerve injuries in implantology Prof Tara Renton, Professor and Hon Consultant in Oral Surgery, King’s Hospital & College, and Guy’s & St Thomas Foundation Trust London
11.20 BREAK
11.30 Open paper session Chaired by Dr Hanya Mahmood, NIHR Doctoral Fellow & Hon StR Oral Surgery, Sheffield
11.30 Summary of European guidelines on infection control and prevention during COVID-19 pandemic Kasia Gurzawska-Comis, ACL OS, School of Dentistry, University of Birmingham
11.45 Aerosols and droplets in dentistry—from research to practice James Allison, Clinical Fellow in Oral Surgery, Newcastle School of Dental Sciences Twitter @JamesR_Allison
12.00 Going paperless during COVID-Tracking hospital staff morale during the transition to electronic health records Gabriele Baniulyteave, ACF OS, Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital
12.15 The role of teleclinics in Oral Surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic Afnan Ibraheim, Specialty Doctor, Eastman Dental Hospital
12.30 LUNCH or Q & A session below
12.30 Invited panel for Q&A on (National recruitment for) Oral Surgery clinical and academic careers Dr Julia Palmer, Newcastle
Dr Emma Beecroft, Newcastle
Dr Rachel Green, Oral Surgery HEE North-East
Dr James Spencer, Yorks & Humber
Prof Justin Durham, NIHR Academy
12.30 Poster – How the COVID-19 experience affected the referral base, presentation, treatment and immediate outcome of oral cancer in an East Yorkshire regional OMFS Head and Neck unit. An epidemiological review of 2019 vs 2020. Dr Lorna Gladwin, DCT1, Hull University
12.35 Poster – The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic (first and second lockdown) on Maxillofacial Trauma at the Irish National Maxillofacial Unit Dr Harriet Byrne , senior house officer, St. James Hospital, Dublin, Ireland
12.40 Poster – Surgical Management of Parotid Sialolithiasis Associated with Sjögren’s Syndrome Darcy Belcher, DFT, Charles Clifford Dental Hospital, Sheffield
12.45 Poster – Service Evaluation in Cardiology Inpatient Dental referrals at East Surrey Hospital Mr Daniel Gillway, speciality doctor oral surgery, East Surrey Hospital
12.50 Poster – Improving plain film radiographic reporting of maxillofacial trauma using asynchronous learning methods Mr Hassan-Ali Ismail, DCT2, Prince Charles Hospital, Wales
12.55 Poster – How are we assessing the competence of Oral Surgery Trainees? Dr Pav Chana, DCT3, Aintree University Hospital
13.00 Poster – Examining the association of career stage with personality preferences – a survey of dental core trainees to consultants Dr Adesh Savla, Specialty Doctor, Eastman London
13.05 Poster – Removal of an ectopic mandibular wisdom tooth using an endoscopically assisted sagittal split osteotomy approach Dr Eugenie Ling, DCT, Salisbury District Hospital
13.10 Poster – Supplementary Soft and/or Hard Tissue Procedures Around Dental Implants – a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Dr Annika Therese Kroeger, Clinical Lecturer, Birmingham Dental Hospital
13.15 DCT ESSAY WINNER – Dr Adil Khan Dr Adil Khan – Lincoln County Hospital
13.20 Nobel Video
13.30 Invited lecture session – Core CPD updates Chaired by Prof. Vas Sivarajasingam, Professor/Hon Consultant in Oral Surgery
13.30 What’s new and important in Dentomaxillofacial Radiology Dr Andy Carr, Clinical Teaching Fellow, Newcastle
14.30 Sedation in special circumstances Dr Rebecca Wassall, Specialist and Lecturer in Special Care Dentistry, Newcastle
15.30 Medical emergencies in a pandemic: changes or the status quo? Dr Kate Taylor, Senior Lecturer, Hon Consultant Oral Surgeon, & President-Elect ABAOMS
16.30 Prize giving by President and President-Elect & CLOSE

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